Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Weekend, work, fate

That big ol' aura post has been taking up room for nearly a week now. I spent a long weekend in the Midwest celebrating my grandmother's 96th birthday. She still has two feet planted firmly in this world, and she's an inspiration. It was good to catch up with cousins I don't see too often, too.

Today I interviewed with the university publishing company in my town for an excellent job that I really, really want. Adonis and I are curious but (mostly) patient, waiting to see what the Goddess has in store for us. If I get this job, that will be a big clue. (Maybe we are meant to stay here?) If not, we continue to watch and wait in wonder.

I got some good occult books over the weekend, too, and will post about them shortly.

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Rubicon said...

mmm...books *drool* you must list the books..