Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Art projects of the zodiac

Lunaea has a fun post about what kinds of art projects might appeal to different astrological (sun) signs. This is what she has to say about my sign, Pisces:

Pisces is the dreamer of the zodiac, and all things mystical and visionary appeal to her: mermaids, faeries, fantastic underwater castles, secret gardens. Watercolor is a natural medium, with its fluidity and soft misty colors. Pisces dreams are rich with symbolism, so an obvious project for Pisces is to create a special dream journal. Start with a pre-made journal or create your own hand-bound book. Decorate the cover with dreamy imagery, and use watercolors to do a light wash of colors over the inside pages. When it’s time to record your dreams, use a combination of words and pictures (drawn or collage). This dream-filled journal will inspire you to further works of art as well. Other art themes to whet the Piscean appetite include religion, seashells, the Pre-Raphaelites, chalices, and poetry.

Well, who doesn't like mermaids?

Monday, January 21, 2008

Backward, forwards

("As Dreams Take Flight" by Beth Budesheim)

Last year was extraordinary. In my healing work, I had two important initiations, graduated from the mystery school, and spent three weeks in Turkey as part of an accelerated course. In the fall, I began working with two "healees" - that is, I began my work as an apprentice healer. In my own body, last January and February, I was pregnant and had an early miscarriage; in the initiations and in Turkey, my body began to change at a cellular level; after Lugh died, my menstrual cycles became irregular. Lugh, my sweet beloved dog, died unexpectedly in October, and thus began my journey of grief. In less than two years with me he brought me enormous gifts, and he continues to do so. In December, barely five years after her first diagnosis, my younger sister learned that breast cancer has returned to her body. She is following both conventional and complementary therapies, and I added a third "healee" to my healing work.

I'm a little tired.

But I've been dancing, and having lots of sex, doing some simple work with herbs, recommitting to my yoga practice, sitting in front of the fire, walking dogs at the shelter, spending more time with friends, cooking, reading, and keeping a healing journal. I'm still working full time in the book biz. Adonis and I are beginning to look at houses, hoping to buy one before the summer. I want a garden, and a proper compost pile, and a nice fenced-in yard for at least two dogs. In June, at the summer solstice, I receive my ordination, and I begin to look ahead to the next steps on my healing journey.

Blessings for this new year.