Thursday, April 13, 2006

Full moon in Libra

Today the moon is full in Libra at 12:40 p.m. EDT.

This Libra full moon comes with equal parts ease and stress, which is very appropriate for the sign of balance. Granted, we’re still looking at earth-less skies here, so if things are still feeling a little unsettled, this is probably why. Especially for students trying to formulate summer plans, things may seem particularly “in the air” this year, but don’t worry, the sun will be in Taurus soon.

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This is the full moon festival of the risen Christ, the full moon of Aries/Libra. This ascent is the awakening of the Christ consciousness within our human hearts, the rising of pure love which leads us to the awarness of our universality as members of the spiritual family of humanity and the larger universe. The rising of the Christ consciousness is not the province of any religion or faith tradition. It is the deepest truth and gift of the waning Age of Pisces. Our initiation into the full power of love is the purpose of this Piscean Age; its evolutionary message is to guide us forward on the path of human evolution. This deep Libran knowing of love is the underlying impulse of the full moon of Aries/Libra and reveals to us the true Arian nature of the authentic humans we inherently are and are becoming as we evolve.

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