Thursday, April 13, 2006

Post-Rapture Post

From The Pagan Prattle, this news:

United States
: While most people are pondering ways to repel the annoyingly over righteous from their doorsteps at the crack of dawn, a couple of lads from Idaho saw an opportunity in taking advantage of the superstitions of others.

Noticing that the wacky American fairy tale of the Rapture was getting wide notice from many unthinking cult members, they decided to set up a service called Post-Rapture Post that allows the gullible to pay a fee to have a personal I told you so letter hand-delivered to their non-cult member friends and family who have been left behind.

Just write your letter and it will be hand-delivered immediately following the exodus of the pure from the Earth. But you must be thinking to yourself, How can the letters be delivered after the Rapture? The answer is simple. The creators of this site are Atheists. That's right, we don't believe in God. How else would we be able to deliver your correspondence after the Rapture?

Pure genius.

Love it. Whatever happened to that Pagan bumpersticker with the pentagram and the words, "Come the Rapture, we'll have the Earth to ourselves"?

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Simon said...

Excellent! LMAO!!!!