Sunday, April 30, 2006

Blessed Beltane

I thought about calling this post, "We have a religion that celebrates sex, and you don't." If Pagans weren't all, like, live and let live, I bet we could do some heavy-duty proselytizing and conversion at Beltane.

But seriously, folks, take the day to celebrate your body, your lover's body, the earth's body, and all the fecundity and hope and creativity of being alive. Leave an offering for the fairies, jump a bonfire, wash your face in the morning dew, dance around a maypole, deck yourself with flowers, and lie with your lover(s) in a field or forest. Pagan lore has it that children conceived at Beltane have special magic.

The witch at Secrets of a Witch has all posted all manner of information for Beltane: a fertility spell, a wishing powder, a ritual, information on the Maypole, and recipes for blueberry/lavender crisp and fairy kisses.

Morgaine has her own suggestions for how to open the lusty month of May.

Waverly Fitzgerald offers a wealth of information about the holiday.

And, as always, you can find various Pagan perspectives on this holiday and all the others at The Witches' Voice.


Nio said...

Wolf and I like to celebrate the holidays by enjoying each others bodies. Tonight, though, it won't happen. First, I'm sick and second my moon time has graced me. We'll have to wait until later in the week to celebrate approprately. *wink*

olive said...

Of course, would it technically be converting when devote evangeicals consider anyone who doesn't come to sunday service already to be pagan? Maybe we can hit the bars tonight with little fliers and things... j/k! ;) Anyways, Merry Beltane!

Thaleia said...

Inanna, I hope you had a very blessed beltane...

Rubicon said...

oh yeah. Be a Witch and get yer'swerve on :D