Thursday, April 27, 2006

New moon in Taurus

Today the moon is new in Taurus, joining the sun. Worship ruling Venus; enjoy all earthly delights.

As the crescent moon dawn anew this April spring morning, we join together to contemplate the significance of Taurus. Sign of the bull, ruled by Venus, Taurus is in the fixed element of earth. No astrological sign is more grounded than sensual and security-loving Taurus. But these obvious traits obscure a more esoteric dimension to Taurus. In the pre-Christian world, for instance, religious ceremonies revolved around rituals of sacrifice. Bulls, the animal associated with Taurus, were commonly used in these ancient rites. Consecrated to the moon-goddess, the bull's blood was sprinkled on stone altars and used in rituals of baptism and purification.

Few modern-day seekers would find meaning in the literal sacrifice of a living animal. But reflecting on the archetypal symbolism of ceremonial sacrifice yields rich insights. The archetype of sacrifice teaches that there is wisdom in giving something up in order to make room for the creative spirit of the new. It teaches us that we cannot do or be all things at once. This esoteric principle is fundamental to being "grounded" - the essence of Taurus. Paring down and stripping away limits us - but at the same time gives structure and shape to our free-form spirits.

Making a sacrifice [of something meaningful and important] is a form of emotional ecology. By practicing principles of conservation in how we live our lives, we cultivate a healthier inner ecosystem.

(Pythia Peay, Mooncircles)

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jo(e) said...

I read this with great interest since I am a Taurus.