Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Sweet passage, Monica Sjöö

You already know that Monica Sjöö has died. I learned first from the Furious Spinner yesterday; the Wildhunt Blog also has a nice collection of commentary. Last night at my women's circle we lit a candle on the altar to help light her way; it burned down as we spent the hours telling our stories from this summer's Pagan festivals and Witchcamps. We also admitted that none of us - for shame - has read her work, even though we know of her work. I somewhat blithely promised to read The Great Cosmic Mother. Zoe cautioned me to be careful what I promise the dead. So now I really have to read it! (I've always intended to, you know.)

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Athana said...

For me anyway, the Great Cosmic Mother was a candy treat. Reading it was no work at all. It just carried me along like sugar. Once I started it (and I can't even remember why I even started it), I was hooked like a fish on the line. Maybe it will be the same with you, Inanna.