Monday, August 08, 2005

Some notes for future blogging

Here are some things I've been thinking about and may blog about when I can collect my thoughts:

(1) What does it mean to be Pagan clergy? How does one train and where does one serve? Is that my path?

(2) What does it mean for Paganism or Witchcraft to be a public religion versus a private, secretive one?

(3) Voluntary simplicity as spiritual practice.

(4) Taking care of oneself as spiritual practice.

(5) Should I get a tattoo?


Andy said...

You have some good questions there. Our clergy is actually in a rather sad state. It seems that most clergy either invent their standing (I come from a line of hereditary witches...), pay for a mail order degree, or simply become clergy by default when they wind up de facto leaders of covens. There is little uniform training and the training I have seen has not impressed me.

Think on the tattoo for a while. Took me thirty-one years to decide and I'm glad I waited.

Inanna said...

Andy, what kind of tattoo did you get?

I think there is a lot of potential for Pagan clergy, but they need professional training and a way to support themselves (or be supported by their communities). I know Cherry Hill Seminary has a degree program, and the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley has the Starr King School, which is a UU seminary. I think we need to ask ourselves how we expect clergy to serve our communities. As chaplains and counselors? As representatives in interfaith work? As keepers of Goddess temples? All of the above?

Or are Pagans too anarchistic in spirit for any of this?

TurtleHeart said...

I wasn't old enough for a tattoo until I turned 36. *lol*

I think simplicity in spiritual practice is sometimes best. I started out my Craft reading so much about the ritual, the props, the ceremony, etc.; but now that I have a clearer picture of my personal path, I find that I have really simplified, and its just as powerful of an experience for me.