Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The sleepy sun

(Art found here.)

Joanna is celebrating Advent-of-the-Sun at her blog; each day this month, as we await the return of the sun, she'll post a small gift: a poem, photo, or recipe. (One year in the spring she posted a really good iTunes playlist for Ostara; might you consider a Yule playlist, Joanna?)

I also love the idea of celebrating the four Sun-days before the solstice. Beth Owl's Daughter uses a wreath with candles, like an advent wreath, but she calls it a Solstice Sun Wheel, and on each of the four Sun-days before solstice she calls and honors one of the directions/elements.

These dark, quiet days between Samhain and the winter solstice hold wonderful magic that I long to celebrate even as I resist anything too fast-paced, consumer-oriented, hard-working or hard-partying about the season. 'Tis a lovely time for a lying-in, isn't it? (Thanks, Hecate, for reminding me of that lovely, old-fashioned, and eminently reasonable idea.)


Thalia Took said...

I was born at a place called the Lying-In Hospital, now Women & Infants.

This time of year I find myself craving not red and green, but black. Black black black, the dark and the quiet and the still.

That picture, by the way, is unbelievably gorgeous.

cymraes said...

Now is the time of the return into the Womb, making ready for the time of the Return of the Light, our Rebirth. Our natural energies are not meant to rush here and there, perhaps this is why, we, who are in tune with the energies of the Turning Year, resist the hustle and bustle, in favour of enjoying the dark nights and celebrating in our own ways?

Your blog here can only add to the quietly growing tide of Pagan celebrations! *:^)

*Keep Yule Pagan!*