Monday, December 01, 2008

Birthdays and presents

Happy birthday wishes to two men who have long delighted me: John Crowley and Woody Allen. (Who knew they shared a birthday, and with my little friend IĆ°unn, too?)

Last night was our last childbirth class, and the man who delights me the most gave me an excellent footbath and foot massage and a very cool present. (Let's hear it for retro-aesthetic sexuality, postmodern femininity, and pit bulls.)


Anonymous said...


May you have a happy, healthy baby.

I hope you don't mind a bit of advice from someone born on Christmas, although I'm not sure how relevant all of this will be for you.

My parents worked to make sure that my birthday did not become lost in the season. First, everyone had to give me two presents - one for Christmas and one for my birthday. Then, as I grew older, I would have birthday party with friends about 2 weeks before we put up the Christmas decorations. I recently realized that I probably had 2 birthday cakes - one at the party & one on the day.

Just an additional note. The due date for my birth was January 1; however, my mother cooked dinner for 25 people on Christmas Eve - and, et voila, I was born the next day. But, I am sure that a birthday on January 1 can be somewhat of a problem as well.

All the best.

Inanna said...

Hi Anon,

You're the second Anon with a Christmas birthday to bring up this point. As a family, we'll have to develop our own traditions for addressing this, but I grew up in a family where kids' birthdays were extremely important and festive, so I'm confident that whatever solution we devise, we'll do our best not to let the birthday get lost in the rest of the season. I like the idea of a weeks-earlier birthday party with friends while school is still in session.

Of course, we celebrate the solstice in a quiet and modest way, and we'll probably celebrate a secular Christmas, too, since our families do, and it's fun for kids. We'll find a special way to do the birthday, too.

Thanks for your thoughts; it's good to hear from other Christmas babies.