Thursday, March 13, 2008

For your reading pleasure

There is so much good writing happening out there right now by the Pagani of the blogosphere. Here is some of what I've been reading over the past few days.

Dianne Sylvan on the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, our own personal mythos

Hecate on how one crone thinks about that maiden-, bunny-, egg-holiday, Ostara

Angela-Eloise on sacred sex--her post is wide-ranging and pulls together a lot of ideas, so that description hardly does it justice, and she links to lots of other good stuff

Hawk on past lives and what he's learned from observing his three children

Lunaea Weatherstone on making the present day, the present moment sacred (also just a great story about Santa Cruz)

Cat Chapin-Bishop gets itchy about Eat, Pray, Love (the comments are excellent, too)

Sia has two excellent posts on the Spitzer scandal, one highlighting the importance of rights and protections for sex workers, the other on sex addiction.

Whew! Happy reading!

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