Saturday, March 11, 2006

Reading 'round the Pagan web

It's a gorgeous sunny spring morning in upstate New York, and Adonis and I are at the local coffee shop working side by side on our Macs, listening to the Brokeback Mountain soundtrack. Highly recommended (all of it: spring, coffee, Mac computers, lover - but I was referring to the music). I've spent the last two hours transcribing notes from the astrology reading I had on Tuesday - amazing , powerful stuff, some of which I'll share in upcoming posts. I'm also reading 'round the Pagan web.

Chavala (March 2) writes about her Seattle congregation, Our Lady of the Earth and Sky. I spent some time this week digging around their website, and I'm so envious of all the Pagan resources in the Seattle area. I'd love to be part of a congregation like Our Lady. I'm reminded how, in comparison to California and the Pacific Northwest, the Northeast's Pagan community resources pale.

Kim Antieau has written two moving pieces about her friend, the poet David Johnson, who died on February 21st. The first, written February 22nd, is here. The second was written yesterday. Today is his memorial service. His sounds like a life well-lived, and that is always an inspiration to me.

Joanna Powell Colbert points the way to a wonderful naturalist resource, For all you Pagans who don't know as much as you wish you did about the place you live (like me), this site offers many skills, resources, and exercises to help you. And it's spring! Don't we all want to be out of doors?

Reya Mellicker tells us about how the birds brought springtime to D.C.

Andy, the Kilted Liberal, has been kicking butt with his posts about politics. I especially appreciate this one where he links to a video of someone asking anti-abortion protesters what they think the legal penalty should be for women who have abortions. Short answer: They haven't really thought about it.

Jason Pitzl-Waters was the only Pagan I read who posted anything about International Women's Day (go Jason!) His post contains information about a Wiccan-owned bookstore in Toronto (add it to the list) and feminist Buddhist writer Sandy Boucher (I'm a big fan).

Love reading you all!


sammy_bunny said...

Thanks for the links!

Kim Antieau said...

Thanks for the mention, Inanna. And thanks for the other links. Some good things out there! So many links, so little time...