Monday, March 27, 2006

All acts of love and pleasure

I just completed a wonderful, powerful weekend at the mystery school, and I feel filled with Spirit and love. The sun is out, the sky is blue, the temperatures are warming this week, and a sweet puppy sleeps by my side. Life is good.

Spicy Cauldron and his partner are in the process of adopting a child. Spicy is such a thoughtful, sensitive soul; I know he'll be a wonderful parent, and his child(ren) will be so lucky to have him. My sister and her husband are also in the middle of an adoption process. They, too, will be loving, nurturing parents. The difference between my sister and her love, and Spicy and his love, of course, is that everyone blesses my sister's adoption, but Spicy has to put up with all kinds of hatred and bullshit because he and his love are gay men. There are people who espouse horrible lies about our gay brothers and use those lies as reasons why gay men shouldn't adopt. [Ha! As if this is news.] The worst and most outrageous lie I've heard - people actually believe this - is that gay men adopt children so they can molest them. The idea is that gay men are pedophiles. This is a lie that also endangers children, since the vast majority of pedophiles are heterosexual men. It breaks my heart.

Many people use their so-called Christian beliefs to justify their hatred of gay men (and lesbians, bisexual folk, transgendered folk, Muslims, Jews, ad nauseam). Of course, there are many, many Christians who actually practice their faith's teachings of love and compassion. They tend not to be the fundamentalists, however. And despite the presence of good people within Christianity, one of the reasons I left (liberal, Protestant, mainstream) Christianity for Wicca is because I couldn't tolerate the wishy-washiness of Christian doctrine on issues of sexuality. My life is too short not to belong to a faith where sexuality and love are celebrated in all their manifestations as the offerings to the Goddess that they are. I myself am bisexual, and that is a good and blessed thing. It is a good and blessed thing to be transgendered, or bisexual, or pansexual, or lesbian, or gay. It is a good and and blessed thing to have a beloved. It is a good and blessed thing to have two or many beloveds. And it is truly a good and blessed thing to bring children into a home where they are valued and loved.

So congratulations Mr. Spicy and Mr. Spicy's Partner. I can't wait to hear who enters your family next.

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