Monday, February 27, 2006

New moon in Pisces

Tonight the moon is new in Pisces.

Pisces is emphasized this lunation, and the idea with this water sign is GOING WITH THE FLOW. Try to hold on too tightly, and things will just slip right out of your grasp.

Overall, this is a good time to take stock of the big picture (Pisces can see all perspectives, as well as the connections between things) and make small adjustments to your schedule, lifestyle etc. It’s also a good time to sample something new, especially anything Pisces related because things are going to be more flexible for the next little while. This is not a particularly powerful time for starting major projects despite the new moon energy; Pisces is not famous for discernment or stamina. Try to savour the flux while it lasts; ride the currents and you might be pleasantly suprized by the new and unexpected places you end up.

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Pisces stirs both faith and fears. It drifts, is absorbent, sympathetic, sacrificing; also evasive and imaginative. It can take us into transcedence or confusion. It can make us poets or simply delusional. At this New Moon, Pisces is the celestial clay given for each of us to shape. We can remain blobs of confusion, or we can re-imagine our world. With Uranus conjunt the Sun and Moon, we're especially encouraged to shake things up. Uranus brings change. Even the bravest client may shiver when an astrologer says "changes" are on the way. But change is a natural part of life. And the expectation of change is appropriate this month, just weeks away from Spring...

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