Thursday, February 02, 2006

Imbolc goings-on around the 'sphere

Joanna Powell Colbert recommends the following:

February Holidays by Waverly Fitzgerald, School of the Seasons
The Wheel of the Celtic Year: Imbolc by Mara Freeman
Imbolc by Sig Lonegren:

What seeds that have been planted in you, that have been laying asleep through the winter, have just moved on their own in your life? Can you sense an impending something in your life? Is there something that is yet to manifest above ground into physical reality, yet it lies there just sprouting under the dark covering blanket of Earth in side you? How can you nurture this seedling in the coming days and months?

Tina Treason writes about her day and her dedication to Persephone.
Moonchild is dedicating herself to Brigid.
Reya Mellicker posts a poem in honor of Brigid, and encourages you to do the same.
Andy thanks Brigid, his patron Goddess, and celebrates 1,825 days of sobriety. (scroll down)
Turtleheart shows us her lovely Imbolc altar.
Jason Pitzl-Waters welcomes Imbolc with his usual useful roundup of links, descriptions, and quotations.

And more:

Deborah Oak has posted a fabulous poem, new to me, that starts with "Give me the strongest cheese/the one that stinks best," and gets better from there.


Reya Mellicker said...

Your offering (the poem) is quite a blessing. Diane Ackerman packs a wallop! Thank you for posting and for letting me know you posted.

It was quite an Imbolc this year! Do you make a pledge to Bridgid?

TurtleHeart said...

Blessed Imbolc! Hope you had a beautiful day.