Friday, April 08, 2005

Mystery weekend

Today the new moon, like the sun, is in Aries, a sign for fresh beginnings. There was also a solar eclipse a couple of hours ago - not visible from my part of the globe. The signs point to passion, desire, and a certain recklessness.

The day is cool, sunny, cloudless. The forsythia bushes are budding, and the crocuses are getting serious about blooming on the bright sides of houses. I walked along the gorge today, quite happily, listening to Jane Siberry on my iPod.

I'm coming back in five hundred years,
and the first thing I'm gonna do
when I get back here
is to see these things I love.
And they'd better be here.

First I'm going to find a forest
and stand there in the trees
and kiss the fragrant forest floor
and lie down in the leaves.

Everything the verdant green.

I'm bound by the beauty.
I'm bound by desire.
I'm bound to keep returning.
I'm bound by the beauty of the light.

A fine Witches' anthem, no?

This evening I begin my third weekend-long session at the mystery school. I approach with apprehension. The lesson is on the pain of idealized self-image. I don't understand yet what that means, but I'll be in touch.