Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Creative longing

Joanna Powell Colbert has posted pages from her "illuminated journal" of her train ride to Portland. The pages are lovely and inspiring; she has wonderful artist's handwriting. I've often dreamt of keeping a sketchbook like this, filled with words and color. I've no artistic training. I can't draw. But I have creative longing in spades. I want to write poetry, to paint, to make artists' books, to create ritual, and maybe to teach (although I'm burnt on teaching right now). I get stuck. When I imagine what I'd like to do, voices immediately chime in to say, "first finish your dissertation, lose weight, become an athlete, find a way to make a living, you have to save the world...." That's where I'm getting stuck right now.

In the spirit of admiring others' work and hoping some of the magic will rub off on me, I've finally purchased one of Lunaea Weatherstone's gorgeous Goddess rosaries: this one. I'm anxiously awaiting its arrival by post.


Emily said...

Thanks for pointing out her rosaries - they are gorgeous! I like this one in particular.

Inanna said...

No, wait, this is the first comment left at this site. Thanks, Emily!

Emily said...

Heh. Didn't you just add the comments feature? I wasn't aware a week ago that I could add comments here.

Inanna said...

Well, yeah, comments haven't been activated for long. :)

Still, you're our lucky winner.