Monday, November 13, 2006


I've begun taking an astrology class with a teacher I admire utterly. I've been trying to get into her class for over a year, and I've finally managed. I'm intrigued and excited. This six-week term, we're talking about Mercury. (There he is in the picture.)

Here are some words and ideas associated with Mercury -

quicksilver / fugitive / changeable / imagination / trickster / mirror / communication / scoundrels & thieves / messenger / poisonous / morph / untrustworthy / reflector / traveller / deceitful / truth-telling liar / the poison that heals / bloodthirsty / an impudent demon

You know who that makes me think of? Spike from BtVS. (That's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," for the uninitiated.)

My teacher said that Mercury in your chart is that part of your life you're always living, always returning to, always trying to figure out. "If you understand the person's Mercury, you understand what their life is about."

Each degree on the zodiac has a short description, a story or metaphor, attached to it. These are the Sabian symbols, and they're the keys to unlocking the meaning of the planets in your life. Our homework involves "working on" our Mercury symbols to start unlocking their meaning - through journaling, dreamwork, art, etc. My Mercury is at 24 degrees Aquarius. Its symbol is:

A man obviously of the world has turned his back on passion and is giving people a deep and undying wisdom.


Mama Kelly said...

as a Gemini (with my mercury in Gemini too I have been told) this was facinating reading

thank you for sharing

mama kelly

Andy said...

I've been thinking of doing an astrology class, or something like crystal work, myself this new year. x

Isabel said...

Interesting to study astrology! :-)

The words and ideas on Mercury really made me think about Loki in Northern mythology. It´s interesting to see basic qualities always appear on different places.

Love to read your blog by the way!