Monday, November 06, 2006

All acts of love and pleasure

What brings you joy?

I've been thinking about this question, and my answers - as perhaps befits someone with Taurus on the ascendent - are mostly of the body.

sex ~ massage ~ dancing ~ swimming, preferably outside, preferable naked ~ eating good food ~ laughing ~ being outside, hiking or camping ~ a good yoga class ~ ritual ~ art ~ doing things with herbs ~ my dog ~ an excellent bookstore, especially a feminist bookstore ~ good music ~ delicious smells ~ beautiful clothes ~ open-hearted connection with another person ~ flowers ~ oils and potions ~ books ~ ideas ~ my sweet life partner ~ cuddling ~ waterfalls ~ lakes and oceans ~ tarot ~ lying on the earth

Sensate, sensual connection with the earth, and with spirit, body, and heart, brings me joy.


joy said...

Thank you for this post, it was my inspriation for opening a blog.

Deborah said...

Joy is often physical for me as well; excellent food, sex, a wonderful comfy clean bed.

Often joy is maternal.

Sometimes joy is just a wave of knowing I'm alive; being outside on a nice day, seeing a flock of birds overhead, waking up in the morning and making coffee in my favorite nightie. Just being.

Sometimes my life sucks and I am surprised at how overcome by the pleasure of being I can become.

Inanna said...

Ooo, yes, clean sheets! How I love clean sheets.

Joy, that is a wonderful compliment, thank you. I'll be visiting.

Anonymous said...

thank you for posting this ...

lately I have been enmessed in depression and I think that a list of my own of things that bring me joy may serve as a good reminder of the blessings in my life

Blessed be

mama kelly

Andy said...

I love the heat and scent of my lover's body first thing in the morning, freshly laundered bed linen, hot real coffee bubbling away in the kitchen, hot buttered toast making my fingers greasy...

I'm such a sensualist but that's not to be confused with hedonist. All my pleasures are grounded in a love of life. x