Monday, July 24, 2006

Civilization is overrated

This morning I showered, then blew my hair dry and brushed it. I dressed, putting on a bra and underwear, a pair of slightly tailored cropped pants, a cotton shirt, a string of beads. I took off my pentacle. After I brushed my teeth, I applied a little concealer and powder, a little eyeliner and mascara. Arriving at my air-conditioned office, I turned on the computer.

And I chafed at the confinement of it all.

I just got back from Starwood - five days out of doors in all kinds of weather, never to enter a building or car; no mirrors, no showers (well, there are showers, but I didn't bother), no bras - Goddess forbid! - and often, no clothes at all. Getting dressed could comprise wrapping a piece of fabric around my waist. It was bliss.

I've much to write about, so stay tuned.


Deborah said...

Honey, I had a shower set up in my camp! (With a mirror hanging in it.) There are some things I don't do without.

Sorry to re-acquire the bra, though.

Inanna said...

Alas, perhaps some day I'll camp in luxury. (Or I'll come shower at your place!)

Thanks for the great workshop.