Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Preparing for Imbolc, looking at Fate

Tomorrow is Imbolc, a traditional time to make a dedication of oneself to one's spiritual life. Some women choose an aspect of the Goddess to dedicate themselves to for a year. Hecate, in her guise as Moira or Fate, has been haunting me for some time now; I think it's time to dedicate to her. I'm reading an interesting book about the relationship between hubris and Fate; I may write more about that here later.

Today, according to Seasons of the Witch, is a good day to do magic for job hunting. I just submitted a job application yesterday, so I'll spend some time focused on that goal. It's a publishing job that I think I'll enjoy, and that will pay adequately while I discern my next steps. Adonis and I are deciding whether to move to Brooklyn (we love the city) or to stay where we are, upstate, buy a house, and commit ourselves anew to this community which has held us already much longer than we anticipated. He moved here in 1992 to begin college; I moved here in 1995 to begin graduate school. We love it here. But to stay - is the thing to sink our roots deep and build a life here, at least for the next decade, or would that be cowardly somehow, an acquiescence to comfort, or just to inertia?

My dissertation has lain fallow for some months, and I'm already starting to wonder what to do next - whether "next" comes with finishing or with deciding not to finish. Here are the things I think I would do if money were no object:

  • Spend a season apprenticing with Susun Weed on her land near Woodstock.
  • Spend a month at Kripalu to become a certified yoga teacher.
  • Spend six months getting massage therapy certification.
  • Move to California for a couple of years and study depth psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute.
  • Move to Boulder for a couple of years and study at Naropa.
  • Study a year or more at Diana's Grove.
And who knows what else?


Tina Treason said...

Thanks for mentioning the dedication factor of Imbolc. i had forgotten all abou that aspect of the day. I quoted your post and linked to it on my own blog, writing about my personal dedication for the next year.

Tina Treason said...

I am planning on writing an invocation to Persephone, something that I can say every morning to invite her into that day in my life. I'll most likely post it once I get it written, with a bit of commentary and such.

I'm really looking forward to reading about other people's experiences with this (and other projects like this)--I feel like there's real sharing to be done. And it provides great inspiration!

Anonymous said...

i like your list of things to do. don't count them out too soon.



Inanna said...

Thank you, John! I won't.