Saturday, July 30, 2005

From Starwood, lessons magickal and mundane

My strongest intuitive sense is kinesthetic; I "visualize" with my body./ Living outside feeds me./ Consciousness changes in response to environment; I felt altered for much of the week./ Magick arises from changed consciousness./ Festival space allows me to recalibrate./ Fairies and humans love sparkly things./ I can train myself to bliss!/ Boldness and honesty are sexy./ We emanate an ancient strength./ I want more costumes./ The energy I send out affects how people meet me./ Walking through camp bare-breasted in the late afternoon - many people met my eyes and smiled./ Sky-clad rocks./ A comfortable bag and chair are crucial./ Creativity and inspiration are water for my spirit./ I savor the taste of mead./ Goods are cheaper at festival./ It really will rain./ Pitch a tent by the all-night bonfire for naps./ Dancing is part of my path./ Pagan celebrities are worth the hype./ Do ritual under the full moon at midnight./ Drums are the heartbeat of the earth made audible./ Worship fire./ Unloose your mind./ And laugh.

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