Saturday, May 21, 2005

Home again

I've just returned from a retreat at Kripalu in western Massachusetts. The trip was long-awaited and much-anticipated, a chance to bring my body back into my conscious awareness. Like most people in our culture, I live much of the time in my head, unaware and cut off from the intelligence of (the rest of) my body. As I'm learning more and more, embodiment is such an important part of my spiritual practice. I've studied yoga off and on for a number of years, so for a long time I've heard about the idea of bringing mind, body, soul, and Spirit into balance. But I feel like I'm just starting to get what that means for me. Over the next few days I'll be posting here about my time at Kripalu and its contribution to my spiritual journey. Namasté.

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TurtleHeart said...

This sounds like a great retreat. I like incorporating yoga into my Craft. I am looking forward to reading all about your time at Kripalu.