Wednesday, March 16, 2005

New Tara

I'm spending a leisurely few days in New York City with friends. This morning I walked to the Strand; nearby is a comic book store called "forbidden planet." My partner ducked in and then met me at the bookstore to announce that forbidden planet sells Buffy action figures. I promptly went to buy a Tara. There were a few Taras to choose from, but I chose the figure from "Hush," the episode where Tara makes her first appearance (episode ten, season four*). It's not Tara's most empowered appearance, but the doll is handsome and strong, and she comes with a grimoire, a candle, and a potion bottle. How I wish there were a set with Tara and Willow in their dancing embrace (from "Family," episode five, season five*); I could suspend them from fishing line so they would be floating in bliss.

*I cannot claim this extensive, detailed, and - let's face it - obsessive knowledge of Buffy lore for myself. Rather, I turned to my partner for assistance. Let's call him ... Adonis.