Monday, March 28, 2005

Crazy Wisdom

I spent a few hours in Ann Arbor yesterday, where I got to visit the best esoteric bookstore I know, Crazy Wisdom. Their website isn't as elegant as their store, which is two stories of air- and light-filled space. The shop is packed with books from various spiritual traditions; it also has a wide selection of statuary and jewelry from pagan, Celtic, Buddhist, Hindu, Native American, and mystical Judeo-Christian traditions. The second floor houses a comfortable tea room and classroom space. You can purchase art, tarot decks, CDs, crystals, magazines, greeting cards, fabrics, oils, incense, candles, and some magical supplies. Unlike many stores of its kind, it's elegant and thriving. The calendar is packed with book-signings, classes, talks, and readings.

What did I buy? you ask. I ordered the Tarot of Prague, which the store had available for browsing; it's being shipped to my home.