Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Today my therapist described to me her belief that babies come to us with all this spiritual wisdom that they bring either from their own past lives or from wherever they've just been. The energy of joy and pure love that they bring is the energy that grounds Being--the energy that some of us call, in convenient shorthand, Goddess.

Not only my own relationship with Lucian, but the world's response to him, suggests to me that something like that theory is true. Never have I been surrounded by such goodwill and/or never have I been so open to receiving it.


Stevie said...

I am deeply devoted to the idea that parenting is guiding a soul who may have existed many lifetimes before, rather than the sculpting of a person the parents create and design. Families would be happier, healthier, and less vicarious-living/codependent if they kept this in mind. Love and joy to you and yours!

Inanna said...

I was worrying about something late in my pregnancy, and a wise friend reminded me, "the child isn't yours." That helps a lot, I think. He is on his own journey.