Monday, September 01, 2008

Pagan church 2

When your lover makes you brunch: organic pancakes with butter and maple syrup; bacon from local, humanely-raised pigs; local apple cider, unpasteurized! (If you're from an apple-growing state, you probably drank it as a kid, but it's nearly impossible to find now.)


Hecate said...

What a wonderful lover!

Yesterday I took G/Son and his 'rents to brunch. That child put away enough salsa and chips, cornmeal pancakes with maple syrup, and bacon to amaze an old witch. I think DiL is right: growth spurt coming up! Esp. because we went home, read a story, and then he took a deep nap.

Inanna said...

Yeah, he's the best, my sweetie. I'm very blessed.

Yay, G/Son!