Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A pathwork of stars

"Life is either a daring adventure or it is nothing."
(Helen Keller)

What you never learn from that sentimental, sanitized play, "The Miracle Worker," is that Helen Keller was a feminist, a socialist, a poet, and an activist on behalf of African-Americans, workers, and people with disabilities. Also, she had a pit bull as a companion. Ergo, she was righteous.

But I'm thinking of that famous quotation in the context of astrology. As I've said here before, I didn't take astrology seriously - nay, I scorned it, like any good humanist skeptic - until I met my teacher. In the astrology that Linda teaches and practices, each person's life becomes a mythic journey, replete with meaning and purpose. We might say that astrology provides a way of reading the text of a life, a method that reveals the sacred in each life. The natal chart is a mandala showing the patterns of the universe from a individual perspective, and providing a mythic template - a map only in the most impressionistic sense - for the life. As I study my chart, as I immerse myself in its symbols and patterns, I come to know myself better.

Right now, I'm experiencing a transition in my life where the modi operandi I've relied on for years are finally breaking down. I literally don't know how to think of myself anymore. When I'm not madly scrambling to hold onto my old patterns, habits, and ways of being, the sensation is like floating in space. I don't know what's next. I'm trying to discern the voice of my authentic being - a voice I've spend years trying to drown out with a chorus of demands. Studying my chart offers me comfort during this time, because as I see the patterns in the chart emerge in my life - however tentatively, like spring buds in the snow - I take heart. My life journey, like yours, has a mythic quality. It is a hero's journey. Even in the midst of all this muck, life has meaning. And our stories light up the night sky.


Matthew The Astrologer said...

Yes, astrology is wonderful for discovering one's path, in a Jungian sense. Done *properly* though... it can also do everything else it claims, like predicting the future an' stuff... :)

Scrivener said...

Right now, I'm experiencing a transition in my life where the modi operandi I've relied on for years are finally breaking down. I literally don't know how to think of myself anymore. When I'm not madly scrambling to hold onto my old patterns, habits, and ways of being, the sensation is like floating in space. I don't know what's next. I'm trying to discern the voice of my authentic being - a voice I've spend years trying to drown out with a chorus of demands. .

I am right there with you, Innana. Really, right there, exactly in that space.

Which is why I feel authorized to say, and I mean this in all the best senses, that your journey is a hero's journey. Thank you.

The Shamanatrix said...
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The Shamanatrix said...

It's interesting how our Soul and our Ego both use the same inner-voice to communicate with us and it can be an entire life's work learning to discern which voice is speaking to us at any given point in time.

The perspective of life as a mythological journey (along with the study of the Hero archetype) reminds me very much of Joseph Campbell's work exploring the psychological power of Myth. Here's a link to his page in Wikipedia.


May you find time to be kind
when you look ahead or behind.

deborah oak said...

oh yes,inanna, beautifully put. I recently started to work on realignment with a bodyworker/chiropractor which immediantly started to realign and readjust everything else in my life. If you say your life has meaning, that magic is real, it actually becomes true. And our stories become all the richer....even in the muck. I guess that is what an earth-based spirituality is all about...embracing the beauty of the muck!!!!

Inanna said...

Thanks, everyone, for the comments.

Matthew, I recently read how a prophet, psychic, or seer - i.e., someone who can read the future - is really just someone who can see the present very clearly. That makes more and more sense to me (though it may not be what you meant!). I think Sara at Pagan Godspell wrote about this idea.

Scriv, thank you, as always. I'm psyched to have your comments here.

Shamanatrix (I picture you with a drum and a whip :) ) - I feel better - less judgmental of myself - to think that the Soul and the Ego use the same voice. So thank you for that idea.

And Oak, I'm so interested that your physical realignment is having such wide effects. That's awesome. Will you write about it on your blog? (I admit I haven't been there recently....) And, yes, of course: I hadn't quite made the connection here that an earth-based practice is all about embracing the beauty and possibility of the compost pile. Thank you for bringing that to me.

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Inanna said...

Dude, that is, like, so Dr. Bronner's on a bad trip.