Thursday, February 08, 2007

The spiritual path isn't all ecstacy

What a week, and where has it gone? Much of this week has been devoted to staying warm in this bitter weather. Even my office, in a drafty old house, is cold! Lugh, my dog, has been less than enthusiastic to go for his daily hikes; twice he's even worn the dreaded coat - that's how cold it is. Bless Adonis for continuing to take him out each morning, even if Lugh won't go for more than 20 minutes. They drop me off at work and head to a trail. On Monday it snowed, and I took Lugh out for a walk after work; we ended up in an old cemetery on the hill where he ran with sheer glee in the fresh snow. I went traipsing after him and was considerably less agile.

This afternoon I left work with a migraine and spent the afternoon sleeping in the sun shining in on my bed. I rarely get migraines any more, thanks to the Chinese herbs I take, but this week my period is late and every possible symptom is expressing itself. I had an IUD removed in January, and I believe my body is trying to regulate itself. This could lead to a rant about how much I hate the birth control options available to women and general social attitudes about women's fertility more generally...but I think I'll leave it at that. Obviously, the migraine has receded, since I'm at the computer.

This weekend the first- and second-year classes are meeting at the mystery school, and I'm assisting. Adonis is in the first-year class. Assisting has been a real challenge for me, and I'm apprehensive. Mostly, it's exhausting. This year, my third year, has been the most difficult emotionally, and I can't yet see the fruits of this hard work, but I have to have faith. This is my path. I want to run away! I want things to be easy. Ha, how's that for spiritual maturity?


Hecate said...

Spring IS coming. Buy some daffodils.

Kay said...

I know you don't know me, but if you run away (especially if it's someplace warm), can I come with you? :-D

Teresa said...

You don't know me either but I wanted to ask you about your migraines. I have yet to figure out what is causing mine, only that I get a few days before I bleed and it usually goes away once I start. You mentioned Chinese did that come about for you? Do you have a post about it? Thanks for sharing....these are torture!

Inanna said...

Daffodils, yes. As soon as I can find some.

Teresa, find a Chinese medicine practitioner who knows a lot about women's health and hormonal issues. I was shocked when mine told me that I had classic hormonal migraines (always occuring right before I started bleeding, a week later, and midcycle) and that she had an herb regimen that worked in most cases. Those herbs have changed my life! I take them daily, in pill form, and the frequency and severity of my migraines has lessened by, like, 90%. Drop me an email if you want the name of the herbs (I'd need to look on the bottles at home). But definitely find a good practitioner to work with! Blessings.