Thursday, September 21, 2006

The red tent

Yesterday and today I struggled through my work day with headache, cramps, spaciness, and a general mild malaise. The moon is dark, and I'm bleeding. I came home from work and went to bed, dreaming of my own red tent - a place where women could go during their moontime. I imagine it as a room in the Goddess temple I'm planning in my mind and journal, a dream for the future, perhaps. In the temple there would be a moon room.

Enter the temple. It is quiet, and the air smells lightly of incense. Go to the kitchen and find a cupboard with jars of herbs for tea. Put on the kettle; mix red raspberry leaf, oatstraw, lavender, and red clover. While the herbs steep, get out the clay mug, the raw milk and raw honey. Prepare a hot water bottle for yourself. If your bleeding has caught you by surprise, go to the linen closet and take out a new clean cloth to bleed on. Take your tea and hot water bottle, and enter the moon room. The floor is covered in soft rugs. Choose a day bed covered in a grandmother's quilt. Or take a bolster to practice restorative yoga. Light candles. If you like, you can choose an essential oil - geranium, perhaps - to place in the diffuser. The room is quiet, and the light is low. There are windows you can open or close, blinds you can draw or not. There is an altar in honor of women's wise blood.

Lie on the daybed and dream. Let your mind wander. Breathe. Sip tea. Sleep under the quilt on fresh flannel sheets. There are cut flowers and green plants around you. Perhaps a fountain plays. Or a cat curls at your feet. On a small table next to your bed, find a deck of cards for divination. A journal and pen if you want to write your dreams. A piece of chocolate. Someone can come to rub your hands, shoulders, feet, or to give you Reiki. You can be by yourself or with other quiet, dreamy, bleeding women. Turn inward. Let go. You were able to leave work when you needed to, and there is nowhere you have to be.

What would you have in your moon room, your own red tent?


feith said...

Can I have one for the flu? ;)

Beautiful post.

Lillithmother said...

OH, that a room such as this existed! I like everything about this room...and in my own, I'd add a trickling stream running through the that I could step into it and let my bloodmoon join it's cleansing waters.

If your room ever comes to fruition, let me know, I'd make the trek every month!


dawn marie said...

Natural hotspring, to help with the cramps and muscle fatigue. my favorite books. gooey chocolates, smooth and creamy, soft caramels. ummmm.

Inanna said...

Oh for a natural hot spring! It would fulfill Lil's desire, too, yes? I've always said that the only thing my town lacks is natural hot springs. Ah, northern California, how I love thee.

Garnet said...

Your red tent sounds hypnotically inviting! I would probably add a massage table and a plump, compassionate maternal female massuse.

Inanna said...

Yes, definitely a massage table and a selection of yummy oils. I love your description of the masseuse!