Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tattoo you

Here is a lovely pentacle tattoo, by Traci Hancock. I can imagine a smaller version on my upper arm, perhaps with ivy crawling up to the shoulder.

The symbolism of the pentacle is very meaningful to me. I wish it were more esoteric, so I could wear it without having to explain myself. Then again, it can take courage to wear a pentacle. Where I live and work, there is less concern that I'll be taken for a Satanist and more concern that I'll be taken for a flake.

I also love snake imagery. Here is a nice, tribal-looking snake by Chris Conn. I can imagine something like this on my back, too, with the spiral at my sacrum and the snake winding up my spine.


Cosette said...

They're both great, but I LOVE the pentacle.

The Montana Wolfes said...

has your name been Inanna since birth?

TurtleHeart said...

I have a tattoo done by Pat Fish herself, a pic of it is on her Lucky Fish Art site:
She has some nice artwork, but I cannot recommend her customer service AT ALL.

Inanna said...

Turtleheart, that's lovely. Very you, I suspect.

Montana - No, Inanna is just my "nom de blog."