Monday, May 15, 2006

Working, blessed

I've been hard at work trying to learn the publishing ropes. My new job is very interesting, but I'm tired. I went from working not at all to working a regular eight-hour day, and I've decided that it's far too much for anyone to work. The cult of work in this country, with people proud of their fourteen- and sixteen-hour days, is sick. Hard work can be a good thing - although I'm not convinced it's good for it's own sake - and anyway we're way out of balance.

Still, it's a good job - interesting work, very nice and intelligent people, a lovely old house to work in, in the town where I want to live. I'm blessed. The Goddess has made it clear that She wants me here, in my spiritual community, tending the books, the dog, and my body and spirit. I need some help with tending my body. My diet has been crap for the last few weeks. I'm trying to be gentle with myself.

Saturday (late Friday) was the full moon in Scorpio. I didn't get my usual post up. Still, if you've been feeling rich, prosperous, or blessed lately, you're feeling the energies of that moon.

I've been experimenting with flower essences and reading Molly's Blog, which I highly recommend. She has a fascinating worldview. I've just placed an order, through a friend of mine who's a Reiki practitioner, for some essences for Lugh and me. I got Maple flower essence after reading this post:

I can get derailed into thinking I need something from some specific person or that other people can hurt me with their actions, even when the truth of the matter is that their actions have nothing to do with me and everything to do with their own learning.

Maple lifts me out of this tug of war of I need this from YOU and nobody else but YOU. Maple reminds me the real job of being in the world as a grown up is to figure out what I need to give myself to nourish and support my essential self and then give it to myself.


For a start, a Maple tree nourishes all parts of itself with life giving sap. This sap flows everywhere in the tree from the tip of its roots to the top most bud. That sounds obvious even corny to mention, but it is significant. Do any of us take care of all our parts so thoroughly? I have a distinct tendency to neglect figurative and literal parts of myself. A Maple tree never does this. Maple knows its own life is its calling. I have never met a Maple who wanted to be the tree next door. Maple puts all its energy into its own journey of self expression.

These ideas speak to me right now.

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